Discourse Toolbox
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these are some of the techniques in my Discourse Toolbox.

Full details of the toolbox are given HERE. I give examples throughout using the toolbox on a key UK food policy document.

This may seem like another gimmick, but it is more serious and more effective than that, because

  1. It is securely founded on the academic disciplines of Discourse, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Text Analysis. I give brief summaries of these fields and how the toolbox has been derived from them
  2. It is an attempt to go beyond the debating, commentating and campaigning which fill the mass media. The Discourse Toolbox gives an potential to develop agreed and definitive answers to questions like "What are they thinking of to say that ?" and "What are they really saying ?".
  3. The Discourse Toolbox forms part of an array of techniques, together with Context Analysis, Organisational Analysis and The Dispositive which give the opportunity for Triangulation. A process of triangulation using several approaches can be essential to validate information and generate full understanding. Finally there is the Integration section where an overall conclusion can be reached.

Please follow the links that interest you in the menu, or that are highlighted above, although reading all the material in its sequential order would give the most complete picture of what I am offering.

I have also written short introductions for several audiences to illustrate the potential value and usefulness for them:-
1. Media, Politics and Business issues
2. Academic dimensions of this work
3. Spiritual and psychological development

Discourse is a complex subject, and difficult to explain in a "sound-bite" or a short sentence, however, there is much of value and interest here. I include several Case Studies using the toolbox, the main work being my analysis of UK Government Food Policy, and there is a seperate Food Site focussing on using these techniques on food and food policy.

I am offering my services to help you analyse the documents, policies and statements that interest and concern you - please contact me on george@whatever-will.be or by phone if you are interested in any of these services

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